VEEXTECH, founded in 2014, is a global consumer brand company of atomization and great health. Driven by technology and oriented by product innovation, VEEXTECH provides geek products and services for atomization consumers around the world.

      The annual investment in research and development has reached tens of millions of yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has completed 41 patent applications.

      VEEXTECH owns well-known brands VEEXTECH, TAKI, WUUZ, XIYO.


VEEXTECH Global Layout

Wherever you are, you will be served all the best.

       VEEXTECH has been renowned in New Zealand since 2019, and its global headquarters is set up in Shenzhen, China, an international innovation metropolis.In order to accelerate the global promotion, it has set up operation centers in Auckland, New Zealand and London, UK. It has set up more than 1000 brand stores in the world, and its products are exported to more than 40 countries.

       3 global operation centers, 1000 global brand stores.

Do every detail to perfection, will be extraordinary

R&D Costs / year
Professional experts
Technology patents
0 sq.
100,000-class dust-free R&D base


Geeky requirements for quality

Treat every product with geek spirit
Just want to give you the "surprise" of every bite.

VEEXTECH has a research and development and
production base of 3100,000 level Fully automatic flameout production line
The whole process of production is fully inspected without leakage


VEEXTECH, made by geeks

VEEXTECH never stops innovating
Geek LABS follows five r&d standards
Refactoring highly recognizable product languages